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Boats and Watercraft

In order to operate a boat in the State of Oklahoma you're going to need to consider the following:

What You Need To Know

  1. All boats must be titled and registered through the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Outboard motors over 10 horsepower must also be titled and registered. Boats registered in another state and temporarily in Oklahoma are exempt.
  2. All boats must carry one wearable United States Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (life jacket) for each person on board.
  3. All personal floation devices must bear a USCG-approved label, must be in good and serviceable condition, must be of suitable size for the intended person, and approved for the activity.
  4. Every boat must display lights between the hours of sunset and sunrise, and must display required lights during times of restricted visibility (fog, heavy rain, mist, etc.).
  5. All boats using flammable liquid as fuel are required to have at least one Type B fire extinguisher on board.
  6. Give us a call or come in to Brown's Tag Agency and we can help with getting your boats titled and registered. We can also answer any other questions you may have regarding your boats and watercraft.

Boats and Watercraft Renewals

  1. Renewal Card
  2. HULL #
  3. Motor Serial Number
  4. Call us or come in for more information.
  5. About Trailer Tags: Oklahoma doesn't require that boat trailers be tagged, but some states do. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding your boat trailer.

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