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Commercial Licenses

You must have a CDL to operate:

  1. Any single vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or more.
  2. A combination vehicle with a gross combination weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds, if the
    trailer(s) has a GVWR of 10,001 or more pounds.
  3. A vehicle designed to transport 16 or more passengers (including the driver).
  4. Any size vehicle which requires hazardous material placards or is carrying material listed as a select
    agent or toxin in 42 CFR part 73. Federal regulations through the Department of Homeland
    Security require a background check and fingerprinting for the Hazardous Materials
    endorsement. Contact your local department of driver licensing for more information.

Commercial Renewals

  1. To renew your Commercial Driver's License, you must start with the Driver's Examiner office.
  2. Contact the Department of Public Safety for exact information on what is required. The phone number for the Ponca City office is 580-762-1728

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